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What it takes to be 'Goth'.

(note: This is entertainment, all real goths know there is no formula.. Deal)

1. Makeup
2. Creativity
3. Intelligence (unless of course, you want to be a *glitter goth..)
4. More makeup
5. Odd taste in everything
6. A willingness to be given odd looks
7. Good acting ability
8. Some kind of self-comparision to an animal always helps (cats being popular for this)
9. Money for clothes, or ability to sow, or both
10. Money for gas to get to places no-one else has ever heard of to get clothes
11. Money for gas to go and get CDs by people no one else has ever heard of
12. More and more makeup
13. Dedication

Different 'types' of Goths.(And a short description of each)
(This is a big one too, I know..
Everyone has a different idea of
the types. Again, entertainment

1. 80s goth. Do I really need much to explain here?
2. The infamous, Mansonite!! This is a steriotype that most goths spend most their lives trying to get away from. These are the people that are makeing a 'statement'. Music is Manson, and sometimes 'rap core', Korn, Mudvayne, etc.
3. Romantic goth. (me) Spends much time looking wistful, and being forlorn. Tend to be well read in older writings. Some dress like they are coming home from a Shakespearian play, and starred in it.
4. Fetish goth. These people are sort of their own kind, not really goth. They fit in as goth because they like black and leather, and their style has seeped into most other goths. Look at the name, do I really have to explain? Whips and leather and beatings oh my!
5. Glitter goth. As close to a raver as you can get without being shot by goths. Bright colors and big pants are commen, along with bright sparkely makeup and multi-colored nails.
6. Just plain Goth. Wears black, mostly. Open to all groups. Music is just goth, some bands that are common being: David Bowie, Dead Can Dance, Sisters of Mercy, etc. Your common, everyday, gender-breaking, pretty people.
7.Cemetary Goths -Always found in a cemetary and loves the smell of moisten grass and the fresh nighttime air. You will find these peeps sleeping on tombstones or in crypts. When they are actually at home they have skulls and tombstone markings all over. You might even find a few on their clothes or jewelry. They usually dress more punk like then anything, grungy hair, grungy make-up, and most deffinatly grungy clothing. You know the dark and smelly one in the back of the class room? That might be one.
8.Baby Goth - These are the few and the proud. You will usually find baby goths with little pascifiers in the mouths or on necklaces around their necks. They like to wear the vynle cutsie stuff. Knee-high platform high heels with a short vynle black skirt and red and black stripped skin-tight shirt with hair that looks like it belongs to the lolli-pop girl herself. These are the people who love to wear the demented school-girl stuff...Rarely are boys ever part of this catagory. I think it's the whole matcho male ego thing, although there are the occasional few...
    7 and 8 contributed by Ru,
Now on to some that are goths, but not in the normal sense..
9. 'Vampire' goths. People that think vampires are cool, and others that think they are vampires.  Some call themselves 'vampyres'. Tend to appear somewhat like the Romantic goth, plus a cape or two..
10. Goth-Punks. Cool people, tend to look goth with more spikes, rips in the clothes, and.. more hair.
11. Rivetheads. (my kindred) This is built around music, which is industrial. Again, look is basically goth, plus a few odd piercings with anything shiny hanging from them. To test if someone is a rivethead or a goth, hand them something metal. If they start making music with it, or piercing themself with it,  you have a rivethead.
12. Posers. These are the anti-goth in the most true sense. When goth is about individuality, these people are about being like other goths they have seen, perhaps like their favorite singer. Easy to pick out in a crowd. Easy to find trampled to the floor in a dance club by angrygoths.