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I sat and watched the world end/I stared as fire fell from the sky/I seemed to be suprised/as if i believed the lies/and didn't know the world would end/I lay motionless and pretended to sleep/I layed so still as if caught in a dream/just to watch the tears fall from your eyes/i know your pain/

please don't cry
'cause i'll be fine
say good bye
now I must go die

it's too late for divinity

I closed my self off to everyone but you/I even closed myself off to me/just to know that I am there for you/and this is what you call being free/

this is what you call being free

the end is near/the sand grows thin/and all i can feel is this fear from within/will we all die/will we collapse/will we be caught in our fear or our traps/the light grows thin and so does the mind/and i can't stand to think of how I might die/is this the answer or just a hint/it's too late now/too late for divinity

and this is what you call being free

life in rue

It really doesn't matter
what was
and what used to be relevent
since the day i saw your face
the day i learned to love
and hate
and how neither should be felt in haste
why love,why hate?
why rely on fate?
why not decide for yourself
if not we'll all be the same
in the end
when we die
when will we learn to live
live in this moment
enjoy this moment
breathe in this moment
then die....

Both written and performed by (engel) Hannel Derek Williams of Hallow Ground