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Here is some writing and some poems I have done. What I put up here is completely random.. Hope you like it.

What it feels like to be in love:
Like everything in me is gone and my shell is
being filled with air
I want to crawl in him and be there forever
Looking in his eyes, I become lost
I look at him, and we melt into one
With him, I see my future.

When he came to me that night,
It felt so right.
he slid in my arms so warm,
between us was another form.
A thought of past, haunt, dark,
The lie persistant as a shark.
Our bodies together were one,
Moving haunting rhythm one.
The lie he didn't know was there,
It wasn't right it wasn't fair.
After our embrace I was cold,
He was concerned he stood, a perfect mold.
I turned away and wept, my cold inside me,
because of this lie that wouldn't set me free.
He begged, he asked, he wept,
I wanted to tell but the secret was kept.
He shuddered away and turned out the light,
I lay weak and ice blue my inside of fright.
He slept calmly at first, 'till he dreamed,
So violent, so sad.. I needed to know what he dreamed.
I woke him with a kiss and pleaded his tale,
but he was ice blue and all I asked did fail.
He turned away and I pulled him back,
Into my embrace and cried tears of black.
Black, black and when they got him,
His eyes turned black and his water turned black,
I saw his sin
I pulled him tighter and he pulled away,
I was frantic my arms would not let him stray.
I told him my black, my secret, my lie,
His green cat eyes watered, he began to cry.
I found my friend, my love, my soul in him.
We lied together, after that.

White rose and so red blood,
a sea of black around me,
a sea churning of black and fear,
a black that sucks, sucks, sucks you in.
In until all is the sea and the land,
The land never comes back.
Soon you forget the land, all thats left
is this sea of black and sometimes,
sometimes the O so red blood.
Out of this dark, out of this blood,
out of this sticky crawling death.
A flash of light and I am awake.
No more sea of black.
The sea is behind me, I reached the shore.
Wait, this is wrong!
This is no saintly beach, nor even land.
I am standing on the sun, I was blind when I looked upon it
My feet do not burn, the smell is sweet.
Life is the white rose glowing in the sea.