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The Krow lair
School, life and Me


School, life and Me
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I go to Grand Haven High School. It is a school of people with more then enough money and a few with none. It is a school of name brands and big names. I don't quite fit there. I do enjoy the challenge of digging down to the person inside all that shell, though it can be quite hard.  I have many friends, and I only discriminate based on foolishness... 
My day starts early and I love the morning. I love the night. The day time is obnoxious. If I could design a day, it would start with the morning, go to night, go to evening, and go back to night.. Oh yes and it would be fall but warm. And the night would be well lit so I could go and see my horse and go riding. If only.
The world is awesome. I want to see all of it, hold all of it, be all of it. Maybe that is why I love photography.. I just want to capture the world, each second of it and hold it forever.

My life
My life is insane. But according to some author everyone is and if they print it, it has to be true!! Sometimes I fear I am going insane. Sometimes I am. I guess that is the plague of an artist, and of a deep thinker.  Well, I survive and that is the important thing. I enjoy every minute of this survival. The weird thing is, even the worst moments I enjoy because it is something.. I love feeling and I feel everything I can. Of course to the bother of my poor parents. "Sometimes everything I see is so perfect that I can't stand it". - A not direct quote from American Beauty. So true.. I guess I really am a poet.

Who I am..
My name is Heather, Krow is my pen name. I like to think my pen name is my real name. It is more true. I am 16 years old and am single.  I love animals with a passion. I can talk to them. I love people with a driving need. I can understand them.. And sometimes I can see their lines. I am new age Christian/Transcedentalist. I believe what I believe. I became goth in 1997. I wanted to escape from what I was, but instead I found myself.
This is me. Hope you like it.